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What Do We Live for?

What do we live for? I asked.  We may count the days from the day we were born to the day we take our last breath.  Some would carry the world upon their shoulder only to make sure others can take their breath.  So what do we live for? I asked. 

Kemeja lengan panjang

A little shelter

Kelabu hari ini

Newton's cradle five-ball pendulum (office toy - I)

Not so normal at all

It's just an option

The epic journey

Belajar nyetir (lagi)

A little journey that's not so little at all

Bertutur tentang Melajang

PokoPoko dan Bayu

Impossible itu mustahil, tidak mungkin

Dialog dengan Teman dan Tuhan

Mario Steven Ambarita

Saya Keledai


Kopiku Pagi Ini

Mati Sajalah

Drama? Lebay?



Fery Sripatria Grahadi