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The one thing I don't have right now

It's just a title of small performance I plan to watch this sunday. Only it resembles my life, makes me think of something that I don't have in my life right now, something that's still missing. I have a good job with a good pay ~ yes of course, with hard times as well ~, and I'm very grateful for that. I have a complete family, albeit some problems here and there, not perfect but still a complete one. I'm also very thankful for that. I have wonderful friends and colleagues, which help me grow in their own way. But then, I feel something missing here, inside, something that I don't have. The one thing that I don't have right now.


I've learnt my lesson. We cannot take back the words we've said, no matter how. Even sorry and the deepest apology cannot retract them. Once it has been said, it's said.

Why is it so??

For the first time in my life, yes, for the very first time in life, a doctor prescribed antidepressant pills to help me stay normal, focus and calm. Why is it so? I cannot even define what I feel.