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Rawa Bantu

Ada hari ketika kita menemukan jalan buntu dan ingin membenturkan kepala ke dinding,  tapi takut akan rasa sakitnya. Maka jadilah buntu-di-rawa-buntu.  (Rawa Buntu itu sebuah kelurahan di Kecamatan Serpong, Kota Tangerang Selatan)

WhatsApp Group and any Other Groups

Not everyone is keen to join or be included in some groups, like WhatsApp or any other groups. Me, for instance. I'm not a group person, not a people person. I prefer to have personal texts rather than group texts. It is not that I am being arrogant, I'm just not so into groups, any groups. 

Even if I join certain chat groups, it will be very specific and for something that I really cannot avoid. I do have some chat groups, that is limited to work and neighborhood. Other than that, I prefer not to join. 


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