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Kata Bapak

Kata Bapak,  Aja ngresula, aja ngedusta, aja ngelara. Pesan Bapak,  Jangan mengeluh, jangan berbohong, dan jangan menyakiti orang lain.  Bapak sudah tiada, tinggal pesannya yang bijak terngiang di telinga.  Maafkan kalau masih sering mengeluh, berkata tidak sepenuhnya benar, dan tidak terasa menyakiti hati orang lain. 

Trademark: No longer in use? Sell it!

Trademark Logo

As we all probably know, a trademark or brand is an asset and a business identity worth protecting. A trademark owner has an exclusive right to use, exploit and monetize the trademark. Other parties cannot use the trademark without a written consent from the owner. 

Getting a trademark registered is not easy. At least it takes a certain procedure and cost before a trademark is accepted to register. In some countries, it may take more than one year for a trademark application to mature into a registration. It is only after a long examination the trademark examiners will decide to accept or refuse the trademark application. 

If you happen to have a registered trademark that is no longer in use, you may consider selling it. How is it possible? It is a 100% possible. Registered trademarks can be assigned from one proprietor to another by selling, inheritance, grant or any other legal assignments. 

A few things we should note before considering selling a registered trademark. Make sure that the registered trademark is still alive. Renew the trademark registration before it is expired to keep it in force. The trademark registration can be sold directly to any interested parties, or we may use the service of the third party to sell it. Some legal or IP firms provide trademark trading as one of their services. Even national intellectual property offices also may have a platform for this purpose. For example, Indonesian IP office has IP marketplace to facilitate intellectual property owners to promote, sell or license their patents, trademarks, copyrights or industrial designs to the investors or other parties. 


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