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Don’t Be Cruel to Yourself: Embracing Self-Kindness

In the journey of life, we often find ourselves navigating through a labyrinth of expectations, challenges, and uncertainties. Amidst this tumultuous terrain, we encounter a relentless companion: our inner critic. This voice, often fueled by self-doubt and comparison, can be incredibly harsh, constantly reminding us of our flaws, failures, and inadequacies. Yet, in our quest for growth and fulfillment, it's essential to recognize the profound importance of extending kindness and compassion to ourselves. In this short writing, we dig into the significance of self-compassion and the transformative power it holds in fostering resilience, well-being, and personal growth.   At the heart of self-compassion lies the recognition of our shared humanity. We are not immune to imperfections, setbacks, or moments of vulnerability. Rather than berating ourselves for our perceived shortcomings, self-compassion invites us to embrace our humanity with empathy and understanding. It acknowledges

Terjemahan Cinta

Cinta bisa diterjemahkan ke dalam banyak hal, dari yang sangat sederhana sampai ke hal-hal rumit dengan tingkat kompleksitas yang sangat ekstrim.

Dalam bentuknya yang paling sederhana, cinta bisa hadir dalam kalimat singkat seperti jangan lupa sholat, atau sudah makan belum, atau hati-hati di jalan, atau kasih tau kalau sudah sampai rumah. Cinta bisa juga diterjemahkan ke dalam sekaleng kopi instant dingin yang setiap pagi hadir di meja kerja, tanpa diminta.

Dan saya merindukan pagi dengan sekaleng kopi instant dingin itu. Sekaleng kopi yang bisa menyegarkan pagi saya, entah karena kafein atau ada cinta di dalamnya.


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