I don't like shopping.

Lately it's very rare seeing me coming back home from office without any plastic or paper bag in my hand. One day I came home with 2 plastic bags full of groceries from Cold Storage, a day before I would be rushing home with one paper bag, couldn't wait to try on the new lingerie in that bag. Another day I came home with one pack of chili chicken floss and sweet & spicy grilled cuttlefish. Today I came home holding one plastic bag of Borders with 5 novels in it. Gees..I couldn't believe it sometimes. 

It's not that I like shopping very much. Yes, I like shopping just like any other women but not very much. But as I said, my frequency of shopping is very high lately. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty also knowing that later on I realized that I didn't like that sweet & spicy cuttlefish, or I forgot to drink the milk until the expiry date was due, or even the books I bought previously have not been touched yet and now I already bought other books which I don't know when I'm going to read them. 

If I'm not very fond of shopping, why do I do that then? It's just because I feel so lonely I guess, I don't know what to do, then I just go roaming around the mall and usually end up in one corner of shop. I try to cope the loneliness with that "very positive" activity. To fill my solitary walks with something that can distract my solitude. That's all.  


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